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Apartment sales

Posted by habita29_wp on May 27, 2014

Apartment sales. Buying an apartment is not the same as buying a house. It can be really difficult because in this case, the property where the apartment is located is not completely yours. You will have to share with your neighbors some of the benefits of the building where the apartment is.

Apartment sales recommendations

The most important thing you have to consider when looking for an apartment is the location. You have to research well and know why you want that area. Is it near your job? Is it quieter? Have you lived there?

Another important thing to know about apartments is that there are two types of properties: freehold and leasehold. The freehold is where you buy the home on the land where is built. The leasehold is where you buy the right of occupying the space of the property.

Check the facilities of the location: if there are shops near the apartment, public transport in case you need, parks, hospitals in case you can have an emergency, schools if you have kids, work, gym if you want to work out, etc.

Another thing to consider when buying an apartment is the building. How old is it? Considering the age of the building because the older is the more you have to expend money on repairs.


it is a very important factor in a building.  Because there is always somebody entering or getting out of the building. Does it have security? Hidden cameras? These are some valuable things you have to consider before buying an apartment.

Are you interested in the views?

You have to know if you want to have a balcony or something in your apartment. Is it the view blocked by other buildings? If you want to lay on your balcony and have a good view, you have to consider this.

Maintenance charges

every owner of an apartment (or a house) has to consider that there are some maintenance charges that they have to think of. You will have to include this in your budget. These charges can be related to municipal taxes, property taxes, assessment taxes, elevator charges, security charges, etc.

It is important to ask for advice from experts in the real estate field that will guide you to obtain what you want with the money you have. Not everybody can offer you the things you want at an affordable price. We offer you a variety of apartments with different locations, sizes and the best prices you can have.

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